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What issues are solved by a software upgrade in my Philips TV?

Updated on 2016-12-29

How to check the current software version on my TV set?

  1. Press 'MENU' button on remote control to access the main menu.
  2. Select TV MENU and press the cursor right.
  3. Press the cursor down to select SOFTWARE UPDATE and press the cursor right.
  4. Select CURRENT SOFTWARE INFO to display the current software version of your TV set.
  5. If the TV software version is lower than the version mentioned in the software history means your TV set needs to be upgraded.
  6. Follow the instruction in the user manual or readme file of the firmware upgrade on how to upgrade your software.

Where can I find the latest software for my TV set?

  • You can find the latest TV Firmware Upgrade Software and Readme File documents on the Philips support website. Refer to the SOFTWARE & DRIVERS section.

The latest software solves the issues below:

  • Add the option in the TV menu to switch off the automatic channel updates feature during standby
  • TV keeps rebooting itself when watching TV channel. (Only applicable to country, UK)
  • Audio loss when changing channel on external set-top box through HDMI connection
  • To include the 8-Day Electronic Program Guide (EPG) for country, Spain
  • Audio drop-out and/or noise heard when connected to certain Home Theater System through SPDIF connection
  • “MPEG artifact Reduction” mode is reset to OFF mode in AV mode
  • Not able to tune to analogue channel(s) with frequency above 800 MHz
  • Cannot view pay channels/services with maturity rating from service provider LA7
  • Missing digital channels after channel installation and/or loosing signal after the TV changes the channel. (Only applicable to country, Spain)
  • TV does not respond to the remote control or the local control buttons after the TV wake-up from standby on the next day. (Applicable for countries with only analogue transmission)
  • No audio from the TV when the Humax Set-Top-Box is connected through the HDMI connection
  • Half teletext page was displayed occasionally
  • Previously stored digital channels were deleted after TV performs installation update
  • Analogue channels are noisy when the TV changes the channel from Digital to Analogue
  • Increase the audio bass preset level
  • In Norway, when the TV performs channel installation in antenna mode, the Swedish channels are arranged before the Norway channels, which are shown in the channel list
  • The TV cannot change the maturity rating for channels/services from “YouSee” Denmark
  • OPTION key to enlarge teletext page has been replaced with the picture format key
  • No scheduled TV programmes displayed on the EPG (Electronic Program Guide)
  • Only one channel is stored when performing manual channel installation in cable
  • The audio does not change when the audio language is changed from English to French for a digital channel
  • “No Program Available” displayed on the screen when viewing pay channels/services
  • Garbage characters seen on the EPG (Electronic Program Guide) screen
  • TV restarts while navigating through song list in the content browser
  • TV restarts when switching between pay channels/services
  • Solved channels not viewable from Canal+ decoder in France for customers who are previously on software version 64.40.0
  • To resolve DVBT channels on Bitche cable in France not being able to be stored
  • To resolve Russian OSD overlapping for the text “HDMI side” in the source menu string when language is selected as Russian
  • To support filenames in Russian characters in the USB Content Browser screens
  • To resolve missing channels in Brandenburg, Germany
  • To resolve Light Guide LED blinking when TV wakes up from standby with Ambilight feature turned on
  • To resolve video loss but audio is heard when toggling smart settings repeatedly
  • To resolve Sleep Timer not working after initial installation
  • To resolve issue of TV restarting when user presses remote control DOWN key repeatedly in Reset Smart setting” menu
  • To resolve one-touch play feature not working between other HDMI CEC compliant devices
  • To resolve the TV remote receiver (LED) blinking when the remote control buttons are pressed when the TV is turned off
  • To resolve brightness fluctuation when the menu is displayed on the screen
  • Resolved Light Strip’s light intensity operation. (for Ambilight models only)

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