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Does teletext work with a set-top box in my Philips TV?

Updated on 2016-12-29

It depends on the manufacturer of the set-top box. Some set-top boxes output teletext signal with the video whereas others enable you to switch the teletext on/off with the remote control.

For detailed information, please refer to the user manual of the set-top box and verify that it has the teletext feature and make the required adjustments.

The information on this page applies to the following models: 32PFL3605/98 , 47PFL3605/98 , 42PFL3605/98 , 32PFL7803D/10 , 37PFL7603D/10 , 26PFL5403D/10 , 47PFL7603D/10 , 40PFL8664H/12 , 52PFL5604H/12 , 47PFL7409/98 , 42PFL7409/98 , 47PFL3609/98 , 42PFL3609/98 , 42PFL8404H/12 , 47PFL8404H/12 , 42PFL5609/98 , 52PFL7404H/12 , 47PFL7404H/12 , 47PFL5609/98 , 32PFL7404H/12 , 37PFL8404H/12 , 32PFL5404H/12 , 37PFL5604H/12 , 47PFL5604H/12 , 42PFL5604H/12 , 32PFL3409/98 , 32PFL5609/98 , 42PFL7404H/12 , 47PFL5603D/10 , 32PFL7403D/12 , 42PFL5603D/10 , 42PFL7603/98 , 32PFL5403/98 , 42PFL7803/98 , 32PFL5203/98 , 42PFL5203/98 , 42PFL5403/98 , 42PFL7403/98 , 47PFL5403/98 , 52PFL5403/98 , 52PFL7403/98 . Click here to show more product numbers Click here to show less product numbers

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