Comprehensive patient data. Informed clinical decisions.

    Each one of your patients has a distinctive history of symptoms, tests, diagnosis and treatments. Turn large amounts of aggregated data into a decisive clinical plan that reflects their uniqueness.
    Interoperable to the core
    We strive to devise vendor neutral solutions that facilitate data exchange between all your systems, in multiple clinical domains.
    Designed to scale
    A build-as-you-grow platform means you can start with a single-modality workflow solution and expand to a fully interoperable, enterprise-wide cardiovascular information system.
    Access where you need it
    Immediate access to cardiovascular images and information from a single workspace – anytime, virtually anywhere.
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    A platform that combines clinical expertise with technological innovation to securely connect patients, care teams, and data across the entire cardiovascular care continuum. Enabling you and your team to streamline workflow and improve operational performance.

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    IntelliSpace Cardiovascular

    Next generation workflow orchestrator

    IntelliSpace Cardiovascular

    Next generation workflow orchestrator

    Cardiovascular Information Platform

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    Many healthcare providers are under increased pressure to achieve better health outcomes at lower costs. There is a need to standardize practices, improve consistency in diagnosis and outcomes, and seamless access to data to deliver high quality patient care.

    The exponential increase of data creation, often results in data being scattered across the enterprise, hidden away in workstations, modalities and across departments. This data increase also creates tremendous opportunities to obtain better insights and improve health outcomes by connecting information across the various patient touch points.

    Our Cardiovascular Informatics solution provides a consistent end-to-end intuitive workflow that allows you to obtain easy access to your patient’s cardiovascular pathway. By connecting disparate clinical systems across the enterprise, you can make fast clinical decisions based on the data when and where you need it.

    Leverage the power of a single integrated solution

    When you choose Philips, you’re investing in a long-term relationship. We’re committed to helping you realize the full clinical and operational potential throughout your organization. Our solutions are informed by a strong track record, deep clinical insights, and global delivery capabilities.
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    IntelliSpace Cardiovascular

    • A single workspace across the cardiovascular service line
    • Web enabled cardiovascular image and information management system “CVIS” for review purposes
    • Multi-modality chronological overview of your patients’ health continuum
    • Empower caregivers to make fast, informed decisions wherever care is delivered

    Advanced clinical applications

    echo workflow thumbnail image

    Echo workflow

    interventional workflow thumbnail image

    Interventional workflow

    ecg workflow thumbnail image

    ECG workflow

    cardiac ct mr nm workflow thumbnail image

    Cardiac CT/MR/NM workflow

    klas- cardiology

    Best in KLAS Award Winner 2020

    Philips IntelliSpace Cardiovascular
    is ranked #1 in Best In
    KLAS 2020 awards

    Partnering in data-driven innovation with Miami Cardiac & Vascular Institute

    Daily, weekly and monthly reports generated by Philips IntelliSpace Cardiovascular and Xper Information Management with Xper Flex Cardio have a direct effect on improving quality and performance.

    Cardiovascular care
    Seamless care pathways.
    Optimized length of stay.

    Explore an integrated cardiology ecosystem of data and devices working together to help you provide efficient and effective cardiac care in the most appropriate setting.

    Advanced Analytics

    Let your practice’s vast amount of data (clinical and administrative) serve you in your quest to advance cardiology care for your patients and decrease costs.

    RightFit Service Agreements for Healthcare Informatics

    Enabling uninterrupted patient care

    How is your Healthcare Informatics evolving? Stakeholders throughout your enterprise face continuous changes and multiple pressures. For your hospital to deliver consistently high-quality patient care, your IT infrastructure must deliver accordingly.