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At Philips we strive to help make the world healthier and more sustainable through innovation.  Our HealthSuite digital platform fosters open and collaborative innovation focused on developing breakthrough health, wellness and life science solutions that will transform the way care is delivered.  By connecting devices, unlocking data and fostering collaboration we will empower new forms of engagement, actionable insights and better health outcomes.

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HealthSuite digital platform

Philips HealthSuite Digital Platform Overview

Philips HealthSuite Digital Platform (HSDP)

  • Connect devices and data
  • Aggregate clinical and consumer data
  • Store and share data securely
  • Build and deploy solutions in the Cloud
  • Support analysis
  • Create solutions that make data actionable

What sets us apart? 


Philips HealthSuite Digital Platform elevates Cloud computing for healthcare and life science domains

Ready-to-use services for healthcare

Curated ready-to-use services for healthcare and life sciences 

Consumable building blocks to accelerate development and deployment of solutions

Health outcomes

Harnessing data to drive better health outcomes 

Focus on interoperability standards to drive the secure sharing of patient data 

Healthcare security

Cutting-edge healthcare security and regulatory compliance 

Built-in safeguards that meet strict healthcare and life science standards while supporting interoperability for enhanced data exchange

Solution areas 

Solutions area

Gain actionable insights 

HSDP enables developers to create solutions designed to support fast and effective clinical decision-making.  Building on HSDP allows clinicians to provide close collaboration with their patients and deliver guidance to the most appropriate care.   

Health systems also benefit from evidence-based insights to guide organization, clinical and financial decisions.

Remote monitoring

Remote monitoring

Remote monitoring is critical to patient centered engagement. HSDP interoperability supports multiple collaboration applications that help to facilitate communication between care providers and patients (i.e., physician alerts, telehealth consults, self-reporting surveys, etc.). Our services can help to provide site-less clinical trials resulting in improved patient adherence to medications that trigger interventions when necessary.

Rapidly build and scale

Rapidly build & scale solutions in the Cloud

Leverage our wealth of experience in building, hosting and scaling Philips solutions on our own healthcare privacy and security-compliant Cloud platform.


  • Consumable services to safely support and accelerate solutions development and commercialization
  • 24/7 support to ease migration and deliver operational availability of the solution hosted on HSDP

Learn about HSDP enabled solutions 

Delivering an innovative approach

Delivering an innovative approach to virtual care 

Predictive analytics

Predictive analytics to help enhance post-acute care among at-risk populations  

Medication adherence in clinical trials

Medication adherence in clinical trials

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