dynamic modeling

Dynamic Modeling

Stress-test and evaluate your workflows, layouts and processes

Whether you are building a new hospital or optimizing an existing facility or department, you need to strike a balance between several important priorities: layout, staff, workflow, equipment and capacity. 


You need confidence that the decisions you take today will have the desired impact tomorrow and support your future growth. How can you be sure that your proposed facility design or optimization effort will deliver the results you, your staff and your patients need? Philips Dynamic Modeling gives you verified insights that guide your decision-making, using evidence-based, data-driven consultancy.

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Our collaborative approach

With Dynamic Modeling, our consultants use their extensive experience in healthcare and combine it with smart data collection techniques and powerful 3D simulation tools, so that you can stress-test and evaluate current and proposed workflows, layouts and processes. This information is then translated into real-time 3D visualizations with corresponding data in graphs. This clear, impactful information lets you validate plans and specific areas for improvement before implementation. 
Dynamic Modeling; our collaborative 4-step approach

With Dynamic Modeling, you validate work processes and resource efficiency before actual optimization activities start. And in case of new-build, you model and validate your facility design prior to construction. This reduces the risk of making costly alterations in the future and gives you confidence to make decisions that are data and evidence-based. Dynamic Modeling can be applied to a variety of environments, pathways and services, from radiology, cardiology, ED and sterilization departments, to care pathways and the OR.


Dynamic Modeling brings you:


  • Real-time 3D visualizations of your new or existing workflows, layouts and processes
  • Impactful statistics and graphs to aid your analysis
  • Stress-test and evaluate different scenarios
  • Gain confidence that decisions will support your future growth
  • Reduce the risk of making costly alterations in the future


Harness the power of Dynamic Modeling and contact us today to find out how Dynamic Modeling can help you guide your decisions for future growth.

Meet our team

Beth Fuller

Robert Broad

Sr. Consultant Hospital Planning

Robert is an advocate of Dynamic Modeling using 3D simulation tools to stress-test hospital design layouts, patient and staff functional processes. He support customers in validating design and functional decision-making as well as optimizing operational performance and efficiency. Robert has extensive international experience developing and delivering hospital and healthcare engineering projects. With a background in biomedical and medical equipment management, he provides turnkey hospital and healthcare facility solutions worldwide.
Beth Fuller

Ianthe van den Berg 

Hospital Planning Consultant

Ianthe supports healthcare providers in planning and designing future-proof healthcare facilities with a focus on optimizing clinical outcomes, patient and staff experience, and resource utilization. Her specialty is Dynamic Modeling in which she combines her expertise with data and 3D simulations to stress-test workflows, processes and layouts to support customers with hospital planning decisions. Ianthe has a background in Biomedical Sciences and International Public Health and has extensive international consulting experience.

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