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Personalizing care and improving quality practices in the NICU

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Designing the future NICU department 

Going to a neonatal unit and seeing your baby for the first time can be a very stressful experience. 


They may be surrounded by lots of frightening equipment and technology to help them breathe and monitor their progress. 

Philips is committed to delivering the next generation of care for parent and baby, right from the beginning. A holistic approach to caring for every parent and baby as a special person. 

A team of experience consultants closely works together with the hospital’s key stakeholders.


They start analyzing the current state of the NICU department, and gather insights via patient shadowing, qualitative and quantitative data collection and observations of staff workflow. Insights are prioritized and translated into customized, meaningful environments, improving the relationship between the NICU staff, pre-terms and families and supporting and nurturing the parent and baby in the best possible way.  

Whatever your institution’s project is: a full renovation or a small one, single family rooms, multi (open) bays or milk expressions rooms, we can support you in many ways delivering solutions with a people-centric focus. 


The results? Champion developmental care, enhanced parent and staff satisfaction, optimized workflow and a unique brand differentiator for your NICU facility/department. 

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Meet our team

Werner Satter

Werner Satter

General Manager Experience Solutions

Werner and his team help hospitals and healthcare systems develop people-centric care solutions to help improve the quality of care delivery. His expertise spans the fields of research, design innovation, new business development, and marketing. Werner has previous experience as a strategic innovation consultant, conducting design innovation programs. He is an acclaimed speaker at healthcare conferences on the topics of healthcare design, people-centric environments, as well as enhancing the patient, family, and staff experience. Werner holds a master's of economics with a specialization in marketing, economic psychology, and sociology.

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