Design that commemorates Gallipoli

Where lighting and innovation touches people's lives.

One of the most important monuments in Turkey, commemorating the battle of Gallipoli in World War 1, is shown bathed in an extraordinary mix of LED-lights that takes your breath away.

Philips has created an LED lighting system so powerful, intelligent and agile that it can provide more than 16 million colors instantly. This LED Lighting system is an example of how lighting and design innovation really can bring history to life by touching people’s lives in surprisingly emotional ways.

All of a sudden, a monument that had been forgotten in time and space comes to life with a beam of light as if it’s a lighthouse illuminating the future, illuminating love and peace."


Sunay Akin

Turkish poet & journalist

The Martyrs Monument, which commemorates the lives lost at Gallipoli in a fierce and bloody battle that effectively created the modern Turkish republic, has been an especially proud project for Philips and its next-generation lighting research and development teams. Once largely consigned to history, 'Martyrs' as it is known, has now been rejuvenated by an innovative lighting scheme that has seen the Gallipoli monument inundated with visitors who want to pay their respects to fallen heroes and remember the past. One of Turkey’s finest writers, Sunay Akin, created a poem especially for the newly-lit monument, which he says now looks like it has been dressed in a “costume of light, like a nightgown”.

How much can Philips LED lighting luminaries generate energy savings of?

Savings of 50-70%. Savings can reach 80% when coupled with smart controls, according to a study conducted by The Climate Group in 12 of the world's largest cities. Citation: The Climate Group

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