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The happiness project in Jordan

Providing health and quality of life.
  • More power to the patient

    Case study

    More power to the patient

    A partnership to improve people’s lives.

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  • The hospitals of tomorrow


    The hospitals of tomorrow

    Philips healthcare innovations make can people’s lives better and transform the healthcare experience.

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The essence of family-centered care

Philips LED lighting can help to create a calming environment for parents and babies in healthcare centers.
  • Innovation impacts family

    Case study

    Innovation impacts family

    Healthcare innovation that is helping doctors monitor patients.

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  • Live healthier with chronic conditions


    Live healthier with chronic conditions

    Philips collects data via sensor technology to improve treatment for patients who suffer from a chronic disease.

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Helping doctors improve patient care

The Philips approach to innovation always puts the patient first.
  • A future plan for a healthy aging planet


    A future plan for a healthy aging planet

    Discover how Philips promotes a healthy society for aged people and encourages them to stay active.

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  • Sleeping easy

    Case study

    Sleeping easy

    The innovation that has tamed one man’s snoring.

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Aging populations


The world’s population is aging with the number of older people projected to exceed the number of children for the first time in 2047². However, those aged over 65 are optimistic about their life expectancy.

45% estimate that they will live to more than 80 years of age¹
55% believe they are as fit as they can be for their age¹

2/3 expect to live a long as, or longer than their parents¹

1. Philips Index for health and well-being: a global perspective
2. UN World Population Aging 2013

This is the future for business

See how the more effective use of materials can enable more value creation, both by cost savings and by developing new markets, or growing existing ones.
  • Well-being through light

    Case study

    Well-being through light

    The smart LED system at Phoenix Hospital impacting moods.

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  • Helping to reduce infant mortality in Uganda

    Case study

    Helping to reduce infant mortality in Uganda

    How affordable healthcare transforms lives.

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Healthy living


Learn how we are helping you to be healthy, live well and enjoy life

Smarter lighting


Discover how lighting can help create places for people to thrive.

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